Mark Jacksen Illumination Rated by The Franklin Report


It is our belief that the most successful project includes the collaborative efforts of talented professionals during the design development phase. We are highly sensitive to the balance between lighting, architecture and furnishings. Our aim is to blend these facets so that the lighting accents the space. We feel it is our duty to every client to stay current and beyond industry technology, as well as harvest the benefits of established wisdom.

Ultimately, since it is the client who will interact with the space, his or her input is highly important and appreciated.

Specialty Installation Services - performed to deliver the ultimate artistic touch

  • Final Adjustment of accent & display lighting
  • Final Adjustment of garden lighting
  • Installation & Final Adjustment of Wendelighting Optical Projectors

For the utmost in enjoyment of your surroundings, put your lighting design and implementation in the hands of a Master Lighting Craftsman. Contact Mark Jacksen Illumination today. .


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