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Residential Lighting Design

Mark’s thoughtful lighting design balances through every lamp, lantern, up-light, or accent-light to make your home the unique setting you desire. Warm ambient lighting will blend with theatrical accent lighting so that the focal points in your home are emphasized and spaces flattered.

The illumination in a residence requires a careful balance between accent lighting and ambient lighting. During design development we determine the accent lighting, where supplemental warm ambient lighting is required for comfort and where ambient light gaps are advantageous. The contrast between warm ambient and accent lighting will stimulate the senses and bring life to focal points for perception of spatial depth.

We use multiple lighting techniques for balance. In main rooms, the use of recessed lights are normally limited to accent and task lighting as not to overwhelm the architecture. Decorative fixtures for ambient lighting brings balance with the furnishings. Meticulously designed integrated lighting is concealed for highlighting architectural features and displays. The result is a balanced multi-layered lighting system blended to achieve the effect desired depending on the activity or mood.

The contrast between activity and mood in a room will be at your control through our user-friendly control system design. Selecting a low-level ambient light pre-set will bring life, depth and drama to the public areas of your home through our accent lighting objects d’art, furnishings, and architectural features.

Fine Art Lighting Design

We have extensive years of experience in fine art illumination for museum quality private collections. Your collection will come to life with our use of controlled art accent lighting and our careful selection of the ultimate source to pull colors.

From large wall hangings, to oil on canvas, or sculpture, we select the most appropriate fixture and understand how placement is critical for optimum art illumination results. We know how to manipulate light so art with any finish, even difficult shiny finishes, shows to its best advantage. We understand the intensity of light sources and the filters necessary to minimize deterioration caused by ultraviolet or infrared light. Recognizing budget constraints as well we select the most appropriate luminaire, ranging from custom picture lights, recessed low voltage, renowned Wendelighting optical projectors to flexible track light pockets integrated into your ceiling.

We design art lighting systems for fixed collections or with the flexibility for revolving collections. Our expertise in modifying light during final adjustments is a work of art in itself. With Mark Jacksen Illumination, your collection will be fully appreciated with unsurpassed museum quality lighting.

Garden Lighting Design

During Site Analysis, we identify both interior and exterior key views for focal points. We determine view angles so that light sources are shielded for enjoyment of the effect without distraction. In our on-site Design Development, a palate of layering methods extending from moonlighting, up-lighting, silhouette, and wash-lighting are considered for weaving together and forming a balanced multi-layered natural interplay of highlight and shadow.

Through our Final Adjustment, the garden is painted with dappling light for a subtle magical experience. The textures, forms and colors in your garden will come to life after dark with our landscape illumination. Terraces become outdoor rooms with warm inviting lighting from lanterns that contrast with the cool green tones of foliage. Enjoy life after a hard day’s work with our magical garden illumination.

Fountain Lighting Design

Our extensive experience runs the gamut from hidden accent lighting for natural setting streams and ponds to fountain illumination design for large architectural fountains. Reflection pools, fountains, streams, and ponds will have attention drawn to them through our selection and placement of underwater or external luminaires. A water feature will be made soothing and hypnotizing. A dynamic light dance will be enjoyed on surfaces above moving water. A pond can become a reflection masterpiece by illuminating the surround to achieve a mirror effect. Waterfalls will give off delicate sparkling, jewel-like splinters through external lights, and achieve a uniform sheet-like appearance through underwater up-lighting. A large motor-court fountain will become a focal chandelier while delivering ambient light for pedestrians. Get the maximum enjoyment from water through our Fountain Lighting Design.

Retail Lighting Design

Mark understands the impact lighting has on retail sales and his expertise in accent lighting through a collaborative planning process delivers customer appeal. From storefront to sales area, the entire establishment theme must have originality and an upscale high quality image for attraction of visitors.

Our multi-layered lighting design combines theatrical lighting, architectural lighting and display lighting to maximize effects and deliver a treat for the senses. Color, highlight, and patterned light will create a clean contrast between surfaces. Graphics will be illuminated like fine art to pull color and deliver punch. Our expertise in backlighting luminous surfaces, and detailing integrated lighting for architecture and displays, delivers high quality results. Your merchandise will sparkle and pop through our flexible spotlight system design.

Inside, storefront or facade, to flattering fitting room lighting, Mark Jacksen Illumination will light your up-scale image for visitor attraction and sales.

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